• UPS OAuth Account Setup

    UPS has implemented an OAuth 2.0 security model for all APIs to enhance overall security. As part of the process...
  • UPS Settings

    Configure UPS Reference Fields, set line items as commodities on international docs, and require package dimensions to ship.
  • UPS Returns® and Returns Plus®

    UPS Returns® and Returns Plus® allow you to provide your recipient with a return shipping label that can be attached to the item for return.
  • UPS® Simple Rate

    UPS® Simple Rate lets you use your own packaging to ship to anywhere in the U.S. for a flat rate.
  • UPS Mail Innovations®

    UPS Mail Innovations® is a high-volume mailing service provider that optimizes both your domestic and international mailing processes.
  • UPS SurePost®

    The UPS SurePost® service provides you with the ability to ship non-urgent ground residential shipments at a reduced cost.
  • UPS Quantum View Notify

    Quantum View Notify is an information-based service that automatically updates you and your recipients about the progress of your shipments.