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UPS General Settings (Main)

StarShip supports shipping small parcel domestic and international packages with UPS. Our next generation UPS module uses the latest web service technology to eliminate end-of-day PLD uploads, give you access to Mail Innovations, SurePost and more. Shipments are rated and relayed to UPS in real-time via the Internet, and labels/documents are returned and printed by StarShip.


These settings will apply to all of your UPS accounts.


Disable use of UPS

Check this setting if you do not want UPS to be available for rating or shipping. UPS will not appear in the Carrier field in the Shipment Editor.

UPS Terms and Conditions accepted

Checking this box indicates that you have read and agree to the UPS Terms and Conditions, accessible by clicking on the “Read…” link.


UPS Developer Kit Tracking Terms and Conditions accepted

Check this box to read and agree to the UPS Developer Kit Tracking Terms and Conditions. Click the “Yes, I Do Agree” button to agree.

Enable background tracking

Background tracking collects shipment data so that you can reference delivery information for past shipments and generate late delivery reports from the StarShip Dashboard. Background tracking must be globally enabled for StarShip in the StarShip Server under Tools > Options > Background Tracking. It can then be enabled/disabled for each individual carrier.

Supported Carriers

This section will only show UPS as a supported carrier. You can modify UPS details by clicking the Edit button but you cannot add or remove entries from this list.

Supported Billing Types

This section shows the billing types available for UPS.

Supported Options

This section lists the options supported for UPS.