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UPS Quantum View Notify

Quantum View Notify is an information-based service that automatically updates you and your recipients about the progress of your shipments. Information can be sent to as many as five recipients by email. For an overview of the Quantum View Notify service option, visit the UPS website.

When shipping with UPS Returns, you can use these same field descriptions for UPS Returns Notifications.

For Quantum View Notify, notifications are sent for each Shipment (not Package).

Edit Shipment Details

Create a shipment in StarShip by importing a source document or manually creating the shipment. Click the edit icon in the Shipment Details section.

Edit Shipment Details

Check the Quantum View Notify check box.

Select Quantum View Notify

Select Recipients

You can specify up to five recipients (Sender, Other, or Recipient) and their email addresses.

Select Notifications

Select the notifications you want to send. Depending on the UPS Service you selected, some notifications may not be available. There are four types of notification you can select:

  • Ship Notification: Includes when billing information was received from shipper and scheduled date of arrival.
  • Delivery Notification: Provides information about the delivery of the shipment.
  • Exception Notification: Presents rescheduled delivery date if unforeseen circumstances impact scheduled delivery date.
  • Transit Notification: Available when UPS Returns is selected. This options allows you to provide a notification for the upcoming pickup of the recipient’s return shipment, enabling them to have the package ready for the first pickup attempt.

Other Available Settings

The Subject Line will contain the subject of the notification, which is a shipment field you can select from the drop-down list. The default is Tracking Number.

You can optionally provide a Ship From Name, and a Failed Email Address where email can be sent when any email notifications fail to be delivered. You can also include a personal message in the Memo field.

Select Notifications

Map Notification Fields

You can have notification information come from your source interface document by mapping the fields in StarShip. You can do this from Setup > Source Interfaces > Your Interface by customizing the document interface (Orders, Invoices, etc.). Map the
information for any of the details for the five Notification entries under Shipment > Shipment Options > Carrier Email Notification Settings > Notification #1 – #5.
Map 5 Notifications
The additional fields can be mapped from the source interface document under Shipment > Shipment Options > Carrier Email Notification Settings.

Map Quantum View Notify fields

UPS Returns

When you select the UPS Returns option, the Quantum View Notify option changes to UPS Return Notifications.