Text Properties

You can format the email template using the formatting tools on the template window.

Paragraph Format
Sets the paragraph level of the selected text, such as Paragraph, Heading 1-4, and Code.
Font Attributes
These include the Font Family, Font Size, Bold, Italic and Underline.
Alignment and Margins
Text can be justified, right, left, or center aligned. The indent can also be increased and decreased.
You can insert a company logo or other customized images.
More information

See Images for more information.

Add custom tables to your email template using the Table tool. Click the Insert Table button and select the number of rows and columns.

You can control the table’s appearance using Table Properties, available by clicking anywhere on the table. From this menu, you can configure rows and columns, and the border appearance and cell layout. You can also remove the table using the trash icon.

Customize the text and background colors using the Colors tool.