General Setup

  • Google Mail Setup

    When using the Google Mail outgoing SMTP server, you need to configure your sign in method in your Google settings.
  • Template Designer

    The Template Designer (Setup > eNotify > Templates) is where eNotify templates can be viewed, modified, and added.
  • Template Properties

    Template Properties allows you to configure how and when emails that use the template are sent by StarShip.
  • Shipment Fields

    StarShip allows you to insert variable shipment information into email templates.
  • Dynamic Blocks

    eNotify comes with predefined blocks of fields that allow you to insert a list of variable shipment data into the body of the email.
  • Links

    Create links to a URL or from shipment data, such as a shipment tracking link, in the email template body.
  • Images

    eNotify allows you to further customize email notifications with company logos or custom images.