Updating Acumatica

Follow these steps when you need to update to a new version of Acumatica.

  1. In Acumatica, select System > Management > Process > Apply Updates.
  2. Highlight the version you want to update to and select Download Package. Once the package has downloaded, the Ready to Install check box will be checked.

  3. Before you install the update, you must validate all customization projects. Select Validate Customization. If the validation is successful, you will see a green checkmark in the top right of the page. If you see a red “X” instead, this indicates that there was a problem, and you can hover your mouse over the “X” to view the issue. We recommend contacting your Acumatica Administrator if the validation fails.

  4. Select Install Update.

  5. On the Update Confirmation dialog, select Yes.

  6. The application will go offline while the update occurs. Note: All users will be logged out during the update.
    Once the update is complete, the screen will refresh and the Acumatica login page will appear.