Third Party Addresses Overview

Maintain Third Party Addresses allows you to keep a database your third party addresses. In StarShip, you can predefine a list of possible addresses and select one of them while shipping.

Manage Third Party Addresses

On the Maintain > Third Party Addresses page, click the Add Third Party Address button to launch a dialog where you can enter a new Third Party Address.


If you want to edit an existing third party address entry, select the Edit button in its row.


The main window shows you the list of available third party addresses and their associated information. Click on the column headings to rearrange the columns or change the sort order (ascending/descending).

Search Third Party Addresses

Add filters or type directly into the Search field to find a specific third party address. The first column defines the Search field criteria. To change the Search field, you can drag a column to the first position.


To create a more advanced search based on shipment fields, you can build a query that can be saved and reused in Maintain > Third Party Addresses. See Queries for more information.

On the Ship Screen

The Third Party Address can be selected while shipping in the Transportation section of the Ship screen. You can also add Third Party Addresses on-the-fly by clicking the pencil icon.

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