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  • Overview

    Maintain the Inventory Items database and define item, hazardous, and international details.
  • Hyperlinked Phone Numbers

    In the Microsoft Edge browser, and later versions of Microsoft Internet Explorer, phone numbers will appear as clickable hyperlinks. Clicking...
  • Import Data

    Import items, packaging, NMFC, carriers, customers, groups, 3PLs, third party addresses, importers, hazardous materials profiles, or brokers information into StarShip from a text or . csv file.
  • Overview

    Maintain 3PL allows you to enter and configure third-party logistics providers, including Freightquote.com, and billing information.
  • Brokers Overview

    Maintain Brokers displays your Brokers database for International shipments, and allows you to add and configure Brokers.
  • Broker Information

    Maintain Brokers allows you to add and maintain Broker information for international shipments.
  • Overview

    Maintain Customers gives you access to your customer database, where you can add and configure customer entries and address information.
  • Third Party Insurers Settings

    Settings allow you to set up the carrier interfaces/accounts to use with this insurer, and specify how insurance should be applied.