Ship DHL Parcel UK

Follow this procedure to ship a DHL Parcel UK domestic shipment.

If you’re shipping from an order or other source document, select it and choose Create Shipment. If you’re shipping on the fly with no source document, just click the Create Shipment button. As you are entering information on the Ship screen, be sure to click the check mark in each section to save your changes.

  1. Once on the Ship screen, if no recipient is selected, enter or select a Recipient.
  2. In the Transportation section, select DHL as the Carrier and then select a service.
    Select Carrier and Service
  3. In the Packaging section, enter the weight of each package or read the weight from an electronic scale.
    Enter packages and package weight
  4. Under Shipment Details, make selections from DHL service options if desired.
    Service Options
  5. The shipment will be automatically rated with the selected Carrier/Service. You can also Rate Shop to select a carrier and service based on the best rate.
  6. When you’re ready to process the shipment, click the Ship/Process button. This will tender the shipment to DHL. If you have write-back enabled for a source interface, the shipment information will be written back to the source.

For more general information about shipping a domestic parcel shipment, see Process a Parcel Shipment.