DHL Express UK Services & Options

DHL Express UK offers the following services and service options:

DHL Express Domestic Services

  • Express Domestic 9:00
  • Express Domestic 12:00
  • Express Domestic
  • Express Easy

DHL Express International Services

  • Economy Select
  • Express 9:00
  • Express 10:30
  • Express 12:00
  • Express Worldwide
Documents Services
  • Express 9:00 Documents
  • Express 10:30 Documents
  • Express 12:00 Documents
  • Express Worldwide Documents



Here is a bit more information on a few shipment options that require more detail.

Additional Protection

This option enables the cost of additional shipment protection (i.e. shipping insurance). Charges will vary based on origin of shipment and total of coverage requested (minimum charges apply).

You can select how to apply the additional protection: divide the amount among all packages in the shipment, or apply the amount to every package. Enter the Base Amount and the fee for this option will display in the upper right corner.

Additional Protection

Handling Fee

You can set how to apply the Handling Fee to the shipment:

  • Divide Between Packages: The – handling fee amount is divided equally among all packages in the shipment.
  • Apply to:
    • Packages Individually – The handling fee is applied on a package by package basis, and the Base Amount is set up for individual packages.
    • Every Package – The handling fee amount is applied to each package in the shipment.

Handling Fee

Email notification

Email notification allows you to send a shipment notification message to up to 5 email addresses. This email includes the shipment number and a link to the DHL website where the shipment can be tracked. The currently available type of notification is S : Ship Notification: The notification includes when the billing information was received from the shipper and the scheduled date of arrival.

You can specify up to five recipients of type Sender, Recipient, or Other. For International shipments, you can also select the Importer as a recipient. Note that in order to be able to select Sender or Recipient, you must have a valid email address in the Sender address or the Recipient address, respectively. StarShip will then automatically populate the Email Address field with the value from the Contact Email field in the address.

You can optionally provide a Ship From Name, and a Failed Email Address where email can be sent when any email notifications fail to be delivered. You can also include a message in the Memo field.

Email Notification settings

DHL Paperless Invoice (International Shipments)

DHL’s Paperless Trade service allows you to electronically transmit documents like the Commercial Invoice or Certificate of Origin to Customs. This free service eliminates the need to print and physically attach customs documents to your shipments.

StarShip will automatically try to submit customs information electronically. If StarShip is not able to submit the customs information (either because it’s not enabled for your DHL Express account or because the destination country does not support it), you will need to print any necessary customs forms.

If you need to attach paper documents to the shipment anyway, enable the Additional Paper Document Included check box.

DHL Paperless Invoice

Dedicated Pickup/Delivery

The Dedicated Pickup or Dedicated Delivery options are scheduled services. A dedicated vehicle is arranged to collect or deliver shipments requiring special handling or outside normal business hours.

For assistance scheduling a pickup, please contact DHL Customer Service.

Neutral Delivery

This option allows the shipper or importer to maintain confidentiality over the declared value of the goods. The delivery facility ensures any shipment documentation that might reveal the value of the goods has been removed by the origin before delivery.