Setup for MAPADOC

Before setting up MAPADOC, you must have the following:

  • The SPS Commerce powered by MAPADOC option must be added to your StarShip registration in the Subscription Management System before you can set it up.
  • StarShip v21.2.1 or higher
  • VTechEndPointV5_2021R1 or higher
  • Acumatica 2021 R1 or higher


  1. If you haven’t already done so, download the VTechEndPoints File: After logging into your account in the StarShip SMS, select the Downloads menu item and download the V-TechEndPoints file that includes this customization.

  2. Unpublish Customizations: If you are currently using any customization projects, you will need to unpublish them along with the V-TECH Endpoints. All the customizations will then be republished, at the same time, in the next step. See Unpublish the V-TECH Endpoints for instructions.
  3. Publish Customizations: Follow the Upload and Publish the Endpoints procedure to publish the Endpoints and any other customizations together.

StarShip Setup

When you Ship/Process a Shipment, StarShip will write back to the MAPADOC fields on the Shipment in Acumatica. This requires mapping fields in Custom Write-Back Setup for the Shipment.

To access Custom Write-Back Setup, select Setup > Source Interfaces > Acumatica (version), and under Interfaces, select the Customize Interface button for Shipments.

Fields Mapped By Default

Under the Header section, find the fields prefaced by [MAPADOC]. We provide default mapping for the following fields, i.e., the fields are already mapped for you:

  • [MAPADOC] PRO Number is mapped to the StarShip PRO Number field;
  • [MAPADOC] Bill of Lading Number is mapped to the StarShip BOL Number field;
  • [MAPADOC] Delivery Date and Time is mapped to the StarShip Estimated Delivery Date field.

Default mapped fields

Fields You Need to Map

These are the fields you will need to map to StarShip fields for write-back.

Under the Header section, map the following fields:

  • [MAPADOC] Trailer Number: You can create a StarShip User Definable field to map to; for example, “Trailer”.
  • [MAPADOC] Shipment UDF 15 can be mapped to StarShip User Definable fields or other StarShip fields.

Fields that need to be mapped

Under the Package section (package-level fields), map these fields to StarShip package fields:

  • [Package] [MAPADOC] UCC-128 can be mapped to StarShip field Package Container ID (SSCC)

Map the Package fields

Be sure to click Save All Maps when you’re done. Once these fields are mapped, you are ready to start shipping.