Import Document Templates

Under some circumstances, V-Technologies or your reseller may have created custom document templates, such as templates for labels or shipping documents. You can import them using the Import Document Templates function in Server Manager.

  1. In Server Manager, select Database > Import Document Templates.
  2. Select the template file by clicking the ” ” button next to the Template file field.
  3. From the list of templates, select the templates that you want to import.
  4. Other Settings
    • Overwrite existing templates: Check this option if you want StarShip to replace the existing templates of the same name with the new ones. If you do not check this option, StarShip will skip over any existing templates with the same name and those templates will not be imported.
    • Broadcast a notification message to StarShip clients: When checked, StarShip Server will send the following message to all clients currently logged in, sometime in the next minute after importing the templates.

  5. Click Import to begin the import process. You are prompted to verify that you want to import the selected templates. Click Yes.
  6. The results of the import display.
    • When a template is updated:
    • When a template is skipped: