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  • Import Document Templates

    Under some circumstances, V-Technologies or your reseller may have created custom document templates, such as templates for labels or shipping...
  • Import Data

    Import items, packaging, NMFC, carriers, customers, groups, 3PLs, third party addresses, importers, hazardous materials profiles, or brokers information into StarShip from a text or . csv file.
  • Import Template Setup

    The first step in setting up Shipment Import is to import a file containing your shipment data and use that data to create an Import Template.
  • Customize Import Mapping

    The second step in setting up an Import Template is to customize the field mapping between the input columns and StarShip Shipment fields.
  • Import Shipments

    When at least one Import Template is set up, follow these simple steps to import shipments.
  • Import DC Codes

    When importing customer data, you can also import Distribution Center (DC) Codes.