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Fishbowl Overview

StarShip integrates with Fishbowl to further speed up its order fulfillment capabilities and keep accurate inventory records as orders get shipped out. StarShip imports customer addresses, product quantities, and other order information and generates the necessary shipping labels to get the orders shipped out. StarShip sends freight and tracking information back to Fishbowl after an order has been shipped.

V-Technologies’  Fishbowl 2020-2022 interface uses the Fishbowl API to connect to the Fishbowl database.


  • Fishbowl 2020.8 or higher
  • Fishbowl 32-bit ODBC drivers must be installed and configured on each StarShip workstation.
  • .Net Framework 4.0 must be installed on each workstation.
  • To perform writeback, StarShip requires a seat license. After completing the writeback process, Starship will log off the user from the Fishbowl.

Supported Documents

StarShip currently supports shipping Fishbowl Shipments, Sales Orders, and Customers.

For more information, see Fishbowl Supported Documents.