DHL Overview

With StarShip’s DHL module, you can process international and domestic express shipments in real time via the Internet.

Account Setup

Before you ship with DHL, please visit Onboarding the new customers and select Register here.

Then, complete the XML Services registration by filling out the form.

Once the XML Services registration has been completed,

  • This action will trigger an automated email to the US team for approval, and credentials will be automatically sent upon approval to grant production access.
  • Please be aware that it may take 4-5 hours for the credentials to be refreshed in the production environment and become usable.

This will initiate creating a site ID and password on the DHL servers. DHL will then send you the credentials you will enter during StarShip setup (see Account Setup).

StarShip Features

  • shipping against multiple DHL accounts
  • provides proactive email notifications of shipment information
  • support for International shipments
  • the ability to perform background tracking

Notes about DHL Web Services

DHL’s Web Services have the following limitations:

  • Audit labels cannot be enabled for DHL thermal labels.
  • If you need to reprint labels, you must open the shipment in StarShip (from Recent Shipments) and reprint¬†from the Shipping Documents section.