DHL Account Setup

You must set up at least one account to ship with DHL. To access account setup, go to Setup > Carrier Interfaces > DHL.

Account Setup

  1. Select the Accounts heading and click the New Account button.
  2. Type in your DHL account information.
    The Account Name can be a unique name you choose to identify the account in StarShip. The User ID and Password were sent to you by DHL in response to the application you submitted.
  3. Type in the Company Address. You can also select a previously set up company address (from Setup > Company) in the Address ID field, or leave the default (MAIN) account selected.
  4. For Settings, check the option if your company is AES4 Approved so that you can file the EEI post-departure. This setting must be enabled in order for that option to appear in the International section when processing International shipments.
  5. Click Finish.