DHL Parcel UK Services & Options

DHL Express UK offers the following services and service options:

DHL Parcel UK Domestic Services

  • Next Day
  • Next Day 9:00
  • Next Day 12:00
  • Next Day 10:30

DHL Express International Services

  • Worldwide Air
  • International Road Economy

DHL Parcel does not support delivery to any P.O. Box.


Here is a bit more information on a few shipment options that require more detail.

Extended Liability

This option enables the cost of additional shipment protection (i.e. shipping insurance). Charges will vary based on origin of shipment and total of coverage requested (minimum charges apply).

All Shipments sent through the DHL Parcel network include a default Standard insurance amount but for an additional cost you can select the Extended Liability option. For domestic shipments to the UK and Ireland, the included coverage is £25. For International shipments (except Ireland) the included coverage is £50. The total amount entered here should reflect the total amount you wish to insure the shipment for.

Extended Liability Insurance

Handling Fee

You can set how to apply the Handling Fee to the shipment:

  • Divide Between Packages: The – handling fee amount is divided equally among all packages in the shipment.
  • Apply to:
    • Packages Individually – The handling fee is applied on a package by package basis, and the Base Amount is set up for individual packages.
    • Every Package – The handling fee amount is applied to each package in the shipment.

Handling Fee


Parcel Collection

Check this option to book a pickup with DHL. Parcel Collection Service is only available with DHL Parcel Standard, DHL Parcel Large and DHL Parcel Extra Large packages on UK Domestic shipments.


The Pickup or Delivery options are scheduled services. A dedicated vehicle is arranged to collect or deliver shipments requiring special handling or outside normal business hours.

For assistance scheduling a pickup, please contact DHL Customer Service or visit the DHL Parcel Collection & Delivery page for more information.


Create a Return shipment that allows you to provide your recipient with a return shipping label that can be attached to the item for return. More about Returns.