DHL UK Returns

For a New Shipment

You can create Returns from a new shipment that is open on the Ship screen.

Under Shipment Details, check the Returns option. When you process the shipment (F5), the return is created.

For Open or Processed Shipments

You can also create returns for open or processed shipments. Select Shipments on the side menu. Then locate the shipment.

Open Shipments

Click the Edit Shipment button.

Open Shipment

From the Shipment menu, select Ship and Create Return.

Ship and create return

Processed Shipments

Click the View Shipment button.

Click View Shipment

From the Shipment menu, select Create Return.

Click Create Return

Go to Shipment Details and configure the Returns Options.

Return Options

In Shipment Details, configure the following settings for DHL Returns:


Select the type of Returns service from the drop-down list.

  • Print Return Label: This option prints a return label for you to include in the original shipment or provide to your recipient. Return labels are printed for each package in a shipment.
  • Electronic Return Label: Email a return label to your customer that can be printed with a receipt and information on how to arrange for collection.
Recipient Pickup

When this check box is checked, the recipient address is used for pickup. Do not check this option if you want to provide a different pickup address.

Pickup Address

To provide a pickup address different from the recipient address, click the Pickup Address button. This allows you to enter the pickup address information in a separate dialog.

Failed Email (optional)

This setting is only available for the Electronic Return Label. Enter an email address where email can be sent when any email notifications fail to be delivered.