UOM (Unit of Measure) Setup

StarShip supports the following units of measure: G, KG, LB, and OZ. Write-back from StarShip to Acumatica may fail if you do not have a UOM conversion set up for each value. You can set up these conversions in Configuration > Common Settings > Units of Measure.

Default Weight UOM

You’ll need to know the default Weight UOM for your company so you can set up the conversions properly. If your default value is KG, for example, then you would need to set up conversions for G/KG, KG/LB, LB/KG, KG/OZ, OZ/KG, KG/G, G/KG. To view your company’s default Weight UOM, go to Distribution > Inventory > Setup > Inventory Preferences > General Setting Tab > Inventory Options > Weight UOM.

Note for Importing Package Dimensions

If you will be importing Package Dimensions, you will need to add a conversion to the Unit of Measure chart:

  • Add  an “Inch” to Volume UOM* conversion
  • Add a Volume UOM* to Inch conversion

*  This can be seen on the ‘Boxes’ screen in Acumatica.