Customer Setup

Enable the “Use Customer Account” flag

To enable the “Use Customer’s Account” flag on the Sales Order or the Shipment, the
Customer Account needs to be configured.

  1. In Acumatica, go to Distribution > Sales Orders > Configuration > Carriers >Select
    Carrier ID > Customer Accounts tab.
  2. Click the Add Row button.
  3. Find the Customer ID you would like to set up.
  4. Select the Location.
  5. Type in the Customer’s Carrier Account # and Postal Code.
  6. To confirm the Customer was properly configured, go to Finance > Accounts Receivable > Work Area > Manage > Customers. In the Shipping Instructions section in the lower right-hand portion of the screen, verify the “Carrier Accounts” includes the information you set up.

Customer Location

The availability of the Location field on the Sales Order screen can be enabled/disabled
using the Business Account Locations feature on the Enable/Disable Features (CS.10.00.00) form. If enabled, the field will appear as a required field on the Sales Order screen and must be populated.

To access the Enable/Disable Features, select Configuration > Common Settings > Licensing > Enable/Disable Features > Business Account Locations.