• Bill of Lading

    These Preferences settings allow you to set bill of lading options such as the default BOL type, grouping items on the BOL, and more.
  • Packing Assistant

    These Preferences configure the use of the Packing Assistant when shipping Freight shipments. The Packing Assistant simplifies shipping for you...
  • Shipment Processing

    These Preferences configure default settings and behaviors associated with Freight shipments.
  • Packing Preferences

    These Preferences configure default settings for packing Freight shipments. Automatically Pack Items based on packaging scenarios This setting enables/disables automatic...
  • Shipping Screen

    These Preferences set default options for the Shipment Editor when shipping Freight shipments. Default Tree View This option defines the...
  • PRO Numbers

    StarShip can automatically generate PRO Numbers for manual shipments or when freight carriers do not assign them.