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Shopify Order Write-Back

When you Ship/Process an Order, StarShip updates the Order Status and also performs Notes write-back to the Shopify Order.

More Information

Notes write-back is controlled by Notes Settings in Shopify Settings.

Order Status

When an order is fully shipped, StarShip will set the Order Status to “Fulfilled”. If a shipment is voided, StarShip will cancel the fulfillment and change the status on the Order back to “Unfulfilled”.


The default notes (or any others that you add or modify), such as package Tracking Numbers and the Estimated Delivery Date, will write back to the Notes section on the Order.

Partial Shipments

In the case of only partially shipping items from an order, StarShip will change the order status to Partially Fulfilled. Items that were shipped are marked as fulfilled. When the remaining “unfulfilled” items are shipped, StarShip will append the new shipment information to the Notes section and mark the entire order as Fulfilled.