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Shopify Location Write-Back

If you fulfill orders from multiple locations and have locations set up in Shopify, you can set up the Location to write back to Shopify when you process a shipment in StarShip.

Shopify Locations

Shopify locations are set up from your store dashboard, under Settings. Add your locations here so StarShip can access them.

StarShip Setup

  1. In StarShip, go to Setup > Source Interfaces > eCommerce and click on the Interfaces heading.
  2. Click the Customize Interface button for the Shopify Order interface.
  3. Expand the Header folder and click on the Location Name field.
  4. Set the Maps from value to Fixed to retrieve your Shopify locations, and select the location that this installation of StarShip will be shipping from.
  5. Click the Save All Maps button to save the setting.