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SAP B1 Versions and Requirements

StarShip supports both the HANA and MS SQL versions, with the SAP B1 Client installed on the StarShip machine. StarShip also supports HANA Service Layer (SL), where the database is installed on another machine and there is no SAP B1 Client.

SAP B1 Client

SAP B1 HANA v9.3 and v10; or SAP B1 MS SQL v9.3 and v10 (SAP Business One Client is installed locally).

– or – 


SAP B1 HANA SL v9.3 and v10 SAP Cloud integration (no Client).

– and –


StarShip v19.2 and higher


SAP B1 Version 10 is 64-bit and is only supported in StarShip Web and StarShip Online. It is not supported in the classic StarShip Desktop Client.