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SAP B1 Overview

The StarShip solution offers small parcel and freight shipping from one user interface and offers a great improvement in the speed, accuracy, and ease of shipping. The Ship screen provides a graphical representation of your packages, as well as package contents.

StarShip takes advantage of access to line item information from SAP documents, providing even more automation with auto-pack features and easy generation of labels and reports. StarShip also give you the ability to customize field mapping between StarShip and SAP, including customizing write-back to SAP.

StarShip Features

  • Ship with both freight and small parcel carriers from one screen;
  • The StarShip Dashboard – A comprehensive, web-based tool to view and analyze shipments and shipping trends;
  • eNotify, a tool that lets you customize and automate customer shipment notification emails;
  • Address Validation reduces unexpected accessorial charges; StarShip verifies the accuracy of ship-to addresses and residential status;
  • AES Direct integration helps reduce compliance risks – Order information automatically populates international documents, which are then electronically filed directly to AES;
  • Access to line item detail, to automate international documentation, customs filing, and Bill of Lading (BOL) reports.

For a complete list of features and enhancements, visit the StarShip Version information page on our website.