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Sage 500 Shipments Write-Back

After you Ship/Process a shipment, StarShip updates Sage 500 ERP Shipments.

  • The shipping method (Ship Via) is written to the Package Comments field (in Enter Pack List), if you enabled the “Write Ship Via to the Package Comment field…” setting in Settings.
  • StarShip writes the freight amount, tracking number(s), insurance amount, and package weight(s) back to the shipment.
  • Any changes to the recipient address made within StarShip will be written to the StarShip database only and printed on StarShip labels. The original sales order Ship To address remains unchanged.



If “Require Lot/Serial Distribution in Packing” is enabled in the Setup SO Options in Sage 500, StarShip will only update packages for items that either do not require distribution, or have already been distributed in Sage 500.