Macola ES/10 Overview

The StarShip solution offers small parcel and freight shipping from one user interface and offers a great improvement in the speed, accuracy, and ease of shipping. StarShip was designed to seamlessly integrate with Macola Enterprise Suite (ES) and Macola 10, and provides the most efficient and error-free way to ship your Orders.

StarShip improves efficiency by automatically updating orders with freight charges and tracking information. You can ship single or multiple orders in one shipment, initiated directly from StarShip’s Ship screen. StarShip connects with your Macola interface to retrieve line item detail automatically, so you can easily pick/pack Orders. You can also customize field mapping between StarShip and Macola, including access to your user-defined fields.

StarShip shipping software gives you instant access to Macola  orders or customer list to reduce double entry and errors

StarShip generates branded shipment notifications, branded labels and all other documentation ultimately resulting in less calls to customer service AND repeat traffic/sales to your site.

StarShip automatically updates the Macola Order with customizable freight charges, comments and Ship Date.  Additional enhancements include the Manifest interface which allows you to batch process shipped Orders, automatically bill all orders that have been shipped and maintain shipment history that is easily accessible in Macola.