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Macola ES/10 Alternate Address and Address Fields

This topic explains how StarShip handles alternate addresses and address fields.

Alternate Addresses – Customers

Each customer entry has a primary address but you can also set up alternate addresses for a customer from A/R > Customers > Maintain. Then, select the customer and on the Addresses tab, select the address. On the Extra tab, add the alternate addresses. When you ship against Customers in StarShip and the customer has one or more alternate addresses, you are prompted to select the primary address or one of the alternate addresses.

Alternate Addresses – Orders

The following fields are populated from the customer information (A/R > Customers > Maintain) if the “Ship To” field on the order is “SAME”. Otherwise, they are populated from the alternate address entry for the address code in the Order’s Ship To field (A/R > Customers > Maintain > Addresses tab).

  • Ship To Contact
  • Ship To Phone
  • Ship To Fax
  • Ship To Email
  • Ship To UPS Zone
  • Ship To User Field 1-5*

For more information, see Alternate Address User Defined Fields.

Address Fields – Orders

For International shipments that have a ZIP code containing spaces, you must put a comma after the city name in order for StarShip to read the address properly.