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Fishbowl Online Overview

StarShip integrates with Fishbowl to further speed up its order fulfillment capabilities and keep accurate inventory records as orders get shipped out. StarShip imports customer addresses, product quantities, and other order information and generates the necessary shipping labels to get the orders shipped out. StarShip sends freight and tracking information back to Fishbowl Online after an order has been shipped.


  • Fishbowl Online account
  • StarShip version 21.2 or higher

Supported Documents

StarShip can import and ship the following documents from Fishbowl Online.

Fishbowl Online Entry Screen
Fishbowl Online
Entry Key
Sales OrdersSales > Sales OrdersOrder No on the General tab of the Sales Order screen
ShipmentsSales > ShippingShipment Number shown at the top of the Ship Details screen


We recommend setting up the following components of StarShip before trying to ship your Fishbowl Online Sales Orders and Shipments.

  1. Set up your Fishbowl Online company.
  2. Set up Options, and Settings for Sales Orders and Shipments.
  3. Set up Custom Write-Back for Sales Orders and Shipments.
  4. Set up Ship Via Translations for Carrier and Carrier Service for each document you’ll be shipping against.