Ship Dynamics 365 BC Order Lines

With StarShip, you can ship Order Lines so that each line of a Sales Order is imported as its own document. This is useful for users who ship by inventory item and not by individual order. You can search for all order lines that have the same item number and then batch process those lines.

When selecting Sales Order lines, you can choose to ship related orders. These are orders that have the same Ship-To Address, City, State, and Zip Code. Related Orders will display when you are using the Packing Assistant or if you check the Group Related check box on the Sales Orders screen. Related Order Lines import is controlled by the “Retrieve related documents when shipping” setting in Dynamics 365 BC Options.

Process a Shipment

Shipping with Sales Orders Lines is the same process as shipping a Sales Order. The main difference is that when browsing/searching documents, the lines of the Sales Order are shown as separate documents.

  1. In StarShip, click the Rate/Ship menu item.
    Click the Rate/Ship menu item.
  2. Select the Order Lines heading.
    Select Order Lines
  3. Type in the Order Number or search for a Sales Order using the available filters. If you want to ship by item, you can use the Line Item Line No. field to filter for orders with a specific line item. You can also select a batch of Order Lines to ship. The documents that display in the Shipment Editor can be affected by two Dynamics 365 Options: Disable Search of Source Documents and Refresh List of Source Documents after Shipping.Add a filter for Line Items to search for orders containing specific line items.

    If using filters, click Add Filter and then enter your specific criteria. Certain filters also allow you to select from a list of existing values. For more information about filters, see Source Documents Search.

  4. Click the Create Shipment button or click the truck icon in the Order Lines row to create a new shipment.
    Select the Order Lines and click Create Shipment.
  5. Continue processing the shipment as you would a Sales Order, starting with Step 5.


Order Lines Write-Back

For information about Order Lines write-back, see Write-Back to Dynamics 365 BC Sales Orders.