Disable Services

Ship Via Rules allow you to disable certain parcel services from Setup > Ship Via Rules > Disable Services. Disabled services will not be accessible when shipping or included during rating and rate shopping.

To use this feature, first check the “Disable specific parcel services” check box to access the list of carriers/services.

Disable Services


Each carrier can be expanded by clicking the ” + ” to reveal their specific services.

Disable Services showing carrier being expanded.


Deselect the box next to the service(s) you want to disable. You can also disable all services for a carrier by checking the box next to the carrier.

Disable Services showing services being unchecked.


Switch Rule Notes

If you create a Switch Rule for a carrier/service you have disabled in Disabled Services, or disable a carrier/service after a rule already exists for it, StarShip will give you a warning message when you click Save in Ship Via Rules Setup.

Also, if a user attempts to process a shipment where the rule would be applied, StarShip will display a warning that the service to switch to is disabled, and then select the next available service based on the Ship Via Rules setting “When selected service is not available, switch to”. See Settings for more information.