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Custom Documents (StarShip Online)

V-Technologies may have created custom documentation for your company, such as custom labels, packing lists, BOL forms, or other shipping documents. You can easily import them using Custom Documents in Setup > Printing & Scale. This setup area allows you to add and delete your custom documents.


This topic only applies to StarShip Online (Cloud) users. If you don’t currently have the custom documents service, you can use the contact information displayed at the top of the page to request more information.

Import Custom Documents

  1. On the Custom Documents screen, click the Import button.
    Click the Import button on the Custom Documents screen.
  2. Navigate to and select the custom document template and click Open.
    Navigate to and select the file.
  3. On the next dialog, check the check box next to the file name(s) and click the Import Selected button.
    • Overwrite existing templates: Check this option if you want StarShip to replace the existing template of the same name with the new one. If you do not check this option, StarShip will skip over any existing templates with the same name and those templates will not be imported.
      Select the file and click Import Selected.
  4. The document is imported. Click OK.Click OK.

Printing Profiles

Once a custom document is imported, you can set up the conditions for printing by clicking on the Printing Profiles page heading. Select your profile and click Edit.

Edit your Printing Profile.

Click “Show all documents” and type the custom document name or partial name in the Search field. Check the check box to enable the custom document and expand the ” + ” to set up printing.

Enable and set up printing for the document.


More Information

For more information, see Printing Profiles.

Deleting Custom Documents

You can delete custom documents from the Custom Documents page. In order to delete a custom document that has already been added to a Printing Profile, you must first go into Printing Profiles and uncheck the “Enabled” check box for the document. You can then delete the document from the Custom Documents page.