Broker Information

The following information can be added/modified for Brokers, either by clicking the Edit button for an existing Broker or adding a new Broker.


Broker ID

Type in a unique ID for each broker.

Broker Name

Type in the broker name.


Type in the Contact name associated with this address.

Address; City; State; Province; Postal Code; Country

Type in the address information you want to associate with the Broker ID above. The Country field is not a modifiable field and is limited to the United States.

Address Validation

StarShip provides address validation for domestic addresses. When successfully validated, the button displays a green check mark. To validate a broker address, click the Validate button. If the address cannot be validated, you have the opportunity to choose a new address or correct the final address in the Address Validation dialog, which appears automatically when you validate. For ambiguous addresses, a range of addresses may appear. International addresses cannot be validated.

Phone Number and Extension

You can provide one phone number, including an extension, for this address.

Email Address

You can provide an email address for each broker. Make sure the address is properly formed. Example:


An Employer Identification Number (EIN) is also known as a Federal Tax Identification Number, and is used to identify a business entity. Enter the broker’s IRS/EIN number into the field provided.


Each broker address can be associated with carrier accounts to use for billing shipments. Enter the account(s) to use for the carrier interface(s) in the fields provided.

Broker associated with carrier accounts