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Acumatica Supported Versions

Consult the tables for your version of StarShip to determine the Acumatica versions that are currently supported for your installation. Your StarShip version can be found by clicking Help > About in StarShip.

V-Technologies provides data updates for the current year StarShip version, indicated in bold in the table below. Earlier versions of StarShip are only compatible with the Acumatica versions that are listed.

Supported Acumatica Versions for Acumatica 6.0 – 2022 R1

StarShip VersionSupported Acumatica Versions
v19.2.1 - 20.36.0 - 2020 R1
v20.4 - 21.06.0 - 2020 R2
v21.0 - 21.26.0 - 2021 R1
v21.2.16.0 - 2021 R2
v21.2.16.0 - 2022 R1

Acumatica Version and V-Tech Endpoint Version (API Users)

Acumatica VersionVTECH Endpoint ZIP name
v2019 R1VTechEndPointV5_2019R1.zip*
v2019 R2VTechEndPointV5_2019R2.zip*
v2020 R1VTechEndPointV5_2020R1.zip*
v2020 R2VTechEndPointV5_2020R2.zip*
v2021 R1VTechEndPointV5_2021R1.zip*
v2021 R2VTechEndPointV5_2021R2.zip*
v2022 R1VTechEndPointV5_2022R1_0001.zip*

V-TECH Endpoint Files for StarShip v21.2.1 and Higher

You will need the following specific V-TECH Endpoint files for these versions of StarShip. Please take note of the entire Endpoint file name so that you publish the correct Endpoint for your StarShip version.

StarShip VersionSupported V-TECH Endpoint Files
StarShip 21.2.1VTechEndPointV5_2019R1_0009.zip
StarShip 22.0VTechEndPointV5_2019R1_0011.zip
StarShip 22.1VTechEndPointV5_2020R2_0012.zip



The VTechEndPointV5_2019R1 and VTechEndPointV5_2019R2 files are only supported in StarShip v20.0 and higher and include package content and integration with StarShip Rate Quote.

The VTechEndPointV5_2020R1 file is only supported in StarShip v20.2 and later.

The VTechEndPointV5_2020R2.zip is only supported for StarShip v20.4 and later.

The VTechEndPointV5_2021R1.zip is only supported for StarShip v21.0 and later.

The VTechEndPointV5_2021R2.zip is only supported for StarShip v21.2.1 and later.

The VTechEndPointV5_2022R1_0001.zip is only supported for StarShip v22.1 and later.