• Consolidated Shipments

    StarShip supports consolidating shipments so that you can ship multiple shipments under a master Bill of Lading.
  • Print On Next

    "Print on Next" is a StarShip feature that prints out a label for each package as you click "Next" to move to the next package in a Parcel shipment.
  • Shipment Details

    The Shipment Details section contains carrier-specific Shipment Options, User Defined Shipment fields, and the Department field.
  • Printing Notifications

    StarShip displays a list printing notifications when you click the printer icon in the toolbar.   The last 20 messages...
  • Shipment Reports

    The Parcel Shipping Report, Shipping Manifest, and the Shipping Report (when enabled) are viewable from Rate/Ship > Shipments > View...
  • Recent Shipments

    Recent shipments can be viewed by clicking the shipments button on the toolbar.   Each recent shipment entry will include:...
  • Tab Order

    The Tab Order is the sequence in which the field in focus changes in the Shipment Editor when the user...
  • End of Day

    The End of Day close process uploads processed shipment and package information to carriers that support this process.
  • Reprocess a Shipment

    How to reprocess a shipment that you have already processed and need to reopen and edit.