• Overview

    eNotify allows you to send shipment email notifications through StarShip for any supported carrier.
  • Google Mail Setup

    When using the Google Mail outgoing SMTP server, you need to configure your sign in method in your Google settings.
  • Template Designer

    The Template Designer (Setup > eNotify > Templates) is where eNotify templates can be viewed, modified, and added.
  • Template Properties

    Template Properties allows you to configure how and when emails that use the template are sent by StarShip.
  • Create or Edit a Template

    eNotify templates consist of 3 different sections that can be configured for the email. Properties: How (and when) emails that...
  • Links

    Create links to a URL or from shipment data, such as a shipment tracking link, in the email template body.
  • Images

    eNotify allows you to further customize email notifications with company logos or custom images.
  • Shipment Fields

    StarShip allows you to insert variable shipment information into email templates.
  • Dynamic Blocks

    eNotify comes with predefined blocks of fields that allow you to insert a list of variable shipment data into the body of the email.
  • Queries

    StarShip gives you more flexibility in your searches by allowing you to specify conditions and build queries. This advanced search feature is available for Maintain, eNotify, Shipments, and End of Day History.