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Volusion Order Write-Back

StarShip writes shipment and tracking information to the Volusion Order when you process a shipment.

Order Status

When the Order is completely shipped, the Order Status on the Order is updated to “Shipped” with the date and time.

Shipped Email

If the setting for sending the Shipped Email is set to True, the “Order Shipped” email is sent to the customer when the shipment is processed.


The Ship Date, Tracking # and Service are written back to the Tracking section on the Order.

Partial Shipments

When you create a new shipment against a Volusion Order to ship the remaining items, StarShip will accurately show the remaining items left to ship in the Shipment Editor. Once the shipment is complete, StarShip will append the new tracking information to the existing tracking information in Volusion and mark the order as “Shipped”.