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Using StarShip Rate Quote in Dynamics 365 BC

StarShip Rate Quote allows you to rate shipments before you ship them. You can get rate quotes from within the Dynamics 365 interface and write the selected rate quote back to the Sales Order or Invoice document.


In Dynamics 365 BC, click the StarShip menu item and select General Settings.
Select StarShip > General Setup
Click the Edit button to modify the StarShip URL field.
Edit the StarShip URL field
For StarShip Web (On-Prem) Users
Make sure the StarShip URL field is set to “http://machine name:180” (where machine name = the name of the machine where StarShip Web is installed).
For StarShip Online (Cloud) Users

The StarShip URL field should be set to the URL used to access StarShip, which follows this formula: “https://companycode.starship.online/”. The company code is your company name; the company code is sent to you in the StarShip welcome email.


To use the StarShip Rate Quote feature, create a new document or open a Sales Order or Invoice document in Dynamics 365. Once you’ve entered all the Sales Order or Invoice information, you are ready to get a rate quote.


Make sure you are logged into StarShip in another tab of your browser.

  1. Under the Actions menu, select StarShip > StarShip Rate Quote.
    Select Actions > StarShip > StarShip Rate Quote
  2. The StarShip Rate Quote window launches with the document information populated. In this example, we’re using a Sales Order. You can enter additional shipment details if desired.
  3. StarShip will rate the shipment based on the populated information.You can also rate shop among carriers and services by selecting Rate Shop from the Rate menu.
    Rate Shop
  4. Click Apply to write the quoted rate back to Dynamics 365.
    Populated Rate Quote screen
  5. In Dynamics 365, refresh the Sales Order or Invoice page. The rate quote appears on the Item Lines as a “Freight” line.
    Rate Quote written back to Dynamics 365 BC
More Information

See more information about how to Rate Shop.