The User Manager allows administrators to create and manage StarShip users, assign user roles, and set access to Locations. The User Manager gives you complete control over user rights and information. To access it, select Tools > Users. Enter your administrator username and password to continue.

User List

In the User List section, you’ll see the default admin user, and any other users that have been created. Select a user from the list to edit their details. After making changes, click the Save User button.
User Roles
Click the User Roles button to assign or change the roles associated with a specific user. This allows you to match users with roles that specify permissions to StarShip components.
To assign a role or roles to a user, select the user from the User List and click the User Roles button. Select the role from the right and press the <– button to assign it to the user. Click OK to save.

More information about Roles.

Locations are defined by your registration key. Click the Locations button to define the locations that the user can log into. Check the locations for the user and click Save.
Login Details
  • Account disabled: Check this box to disable the user’s account. You may want to disable a user account rather than delete it so that you can re-enable it when needed at a future time.
  • Login ID: Username
  • Change Password: Click Change Password to assign or edit the user’s password. In the dialog box, enter the new password and confirm it in the Type again field. Click OK to confirm the password change. Note : There is a 20 character limit for passwords in StarShip.
User Details
  • First Name: The user’s first name.
  • Last Name: The user’s last name.
  • Phone: Enter the user’s phone number in an (xxx)xxx-xxxx format.
  • Email: Enter the user’s email address.
  • Notes: Enter any notes related to this user.

Add User

Follow this procedure to add new StarShip users. Click the Add User button.

Enter the Login And User Details, and any Notes for this user. Click Save.

Delete User

To delete a user, select the user from the User List and click Delete User. At the prompt, click Yes to delete the user and No to cancel.

Number of Users

The number of allowed users is reflected under the Registration item in Total Seats.

Active Users

The number of users actively connected to the StarShip database is reflected under the Registration item, Active Seats. If you look further down, under the Active Users item, the details for all currently active users are displayed under the user’s login name. These details consist of the user’s machine name, location, the application being used, and the login date and time.

Disconnecting Users

This menu item allows you to simultaneously disconnect all active users. You may also disconnect users by right-clicking on any StarShip Server item and selecting Disconnect All Users from the pop-up menu. Note that disconnecting users who are in the process of shipping will prevent them from properly completing and saving the shipment.