The Registration menu item under your username displays the information associated with your StarShip account. V-Technologies maintains your registration information, which is updated automatically and cannot be edited.


Current Registration

Depending on your StarShip platform, you may see some or all of these sections.

Serial Number

This is the serial number for your StarShip version and can be updated by our servers when your information changes.

Update Registration

For StarShip Web Users, registration updates may be performed by administrators using StarShip Server Manager in Tools > Check for Registration/Data Updates.


The company name associated with this serial number.

Account Type

Displays if the account is LIVE or TRIAL.

Number of Seats

This is the total number of concurrent users allowed for all locations.

Maximum Allowed Version

This is the allowed version of StarShip for your subscription.

Registered Components


This section lists each registered location and its associated information, such as its EAN/UCC Number.


This section lists your available Source Interfaces, versions, and notes.

Carrier Interfaces

This section shows your registered carrier interfaces and the accounts (if applicable), and the minimum StarShip version required. If you have multiple accounts for a carrier, you can click the “Show Accounts” link for a list of accounts.


In this section, you can view any additional options that were purchased for this serial number. If you use eCommerce, your eCommerce interfaces will be listed here.