Plugins – UPS

These options are available in StarShip Server from the Plugins > UPS menu.

Clear UPS Developer Kit registration and UPSlinkHTTP status

This task clears the account registration and link status shown in UPS setup in the StarShip Client. To execute this task, select Plugins > UPS > Clear UPS Developer Kit registration and UPSlinkHTTP status. You will be asked to confirm this action by clicking Yes on the following dialog.

All settings are cleared, and the accounts will need to be re-registered and re-commissioned in the StarShip Client.

For information on how to commission a UPS account, see the StarShip Help.

The Account Status is shown in the StarShip Web Client under Carrier Interfaces > UPS > Accounts. Expand the Account drop-down for more information.

Upload Pending PLDs

StarShip creates and uploads the PLDs when you post shipments. StarShip will check for pending PLD files and periodically attempt to send them. This option allows you to upload all pending PLDs immediately.

Delete Voided Shipments

Any shipments that were processed and then deleted in the StarShip Client are still stored in the database, as UPS requests that voided shipments are still uploaded with the PLD during end-of-day processing.

Due to past issues involving uploading PLDs with voided shipments, this option was added for debugging purposes. It completely removes voided shipments from the database, so they are not used during end-of-day PLD generation, and will not be uploaded to UPS.

Execute UPS Reader

UPS Reader is a plugin that periodically runs in the background to check the UPS mailbox for new mail. Execute UPS Reader runs this task on demand and checks your mail immediately.