UPS Capital

Support for UPS Capital third party insurance allows shipment information to be uploaded directly to UPS Capital. Perform the following setup in order to begin using UPS Capital. All settings are saved per Location.

StarShip Web (On-Prem) Users

Prior to beginning UPS Capital setup, ensure that the following URL and port # are open on the StarShip Server machine, firewall, and proxy server:

  • URL:
  • Port: 10020


UPS Capital is set up in Maintain > Third Party Insurers. You can currently have one UPS Capital account set up for each location in StarShip. When you open the Third Party Insurers page, UPS Capital will appear as a predefined insurer and is already preloaded with some  information.

Click the Edit button to add or modify UPS Capital info.

UPS Capital on the Third Party Insurers Screen


The Address tab lists the relevant address info for UPS Capital Insurance, Inc. In the Insurer Account # field, enter your UPS Capital account number. If the number entered is invalid, you will not be able to click OK to save. If you don’t have an account number yet, use the phone number provided or go online for more information.

UPSC Address Information


The top part of the window displays a grid that shows the carrier/accounts enabled for UPS Capital. If this is the first time you’re accessing UPS Capital setup, this grid will be blank.

Click the New Setting button to set up the carrier interface/accounts to use with this insurer, and specify how insurance should be applied, as described in Third Party Insurer Setup.


The end of day shipment data upload to UPS Capital is a separate process from normal end of day processing. You can have the upload occur automatically at a specified time.

Automatically collect shipment information and upload to UPS Capital

Check this setting to enable automatic uploads. You can also designate a specific time for the upload to occur.