StarShip supports integration with the TrueCommerce EDI-solution and generation of the ASN (Advance Ship Notice).

Enable TrueCommerce integration

Check this check box to enable EDI integration with TrueCommerce. The TrueCommerce option will then be available in the Recipient > EDI Integration section of the Shipment Editor.

StarShip exports EDI shipment information to a location configured in the StarShip Server. For more information about the Shared EDI folder, see the StarShip Server Manager Help.

StarShip creates the EDI files and saves them to the shared folder defined on the Printing tab in the StarShip Online Connector. For more information about the Shared EDI folder, see the StarShip Connector Help.

For EDI shipments, activate TrueCommerce integration

  • Manually: This option allows the user to manually check (or uncheck) the TrueCommerce option while shipping.
  • Conditionally: This option allows you to add conditions under which TrueCommerce will be used for EDI shipments. When conditions are met, StarShip will automatically check the TrueCommerce check box on the Ship screen (under Recipient > EDI Integration). Note that when this field is set to Conditionally, the user cannot manually check the TrueCommerce check box on the Recipient tab.

Activation Conditions

This section helps you define conditions for TrueCommerce activation. When you set conditions, the TrueCommerce integration can only be activated when these conditions are met. The TrueCommerce check box will be disabled on the Ship screen and more info is available to the user about why the field is disabled.

Set Up Conditions

Conditions are a number of field values (operands) connected by operators. They can be based on:

  • Constant Values: These are fixed values that you define. You can add a Constant Value by selecting New Constant Value from the drop-down list. Values you already created are also saved to the drop-down list.
  • StarShip Fields: These are fields from the Ship screen (shipment fields).

Click the Edit button next to the “Activation conditions” field to add conditions.

  1. On the Conditions Builder dialog, click the “+” button to add a condition.
  2. Select a Shipment field value as the first operand. Let’s say we want to use the Billing Type shipment field value to trigger integration with TrueCommerce. You can also type a field name into Search field to narrow down the list of fields that are displayed in the drop-down.
  3. Select an operator, for example “contains” or “is equal to”. Here we are choosing “is equal to” since we want to TrueCommerce to be activated for a specific billing type.
  4. Choose a second operand, which can be either a Shipment value or a Constant value. In this example, we’ll select “Third Party”.
    The second operand can also be a constant value, depending on the shipment field selected. In some cases, you can also select whether the condition applies to each order or package (Pack) in the shipment or at least one order or package in the shipment. Basically, what is available in the second operand list will depend upon the field you select as the first Operand.
Multiple Conditions

To add another condition, click the “+” button again. To group conditions, first select the conditions you want to group and then select the AND or OR button.

To work on a grouped set of conditions, click on the AND or OR in front of the condition.

Set Conditionally to Always

To always enable the TrueCommerce integration check box, open the Conditions Builder and then click OK without adding any conditions. When you return to the Preferences screen, you will see the “Activation conditions” field set to “ALWAYS”.

Generate ASN Number

When checked, StarShip automatically generates the ASN number for any shipment where TrueCommerce is activated. If this option is not checked, StarShip will n ot generate the ASN Number. It may also be typed in manually while shipping in the Shipment Editor (Recipient > EDI Integration > ASN Field) or mapped to a source interface field.

ASN Type

Select the type of ASN required by your Trading Partner. You can select from
  • Always use “Pick and Pack”: StarShip generates the file read by TrueCommerce to create the ASN in this format : Shipment > Order > Pallet > Pack > Item. “Pick and Pack” allows items of mixed types to be packed into the same container.
  • Always use “Standard Pack”: StarShip generates the file read by TrueCommerce to create the ASN in this format : Shipment > Order > Pallet > Item > Pack. “Standard Pack” allows only one item type to be packed into any given container.
  • Use “Standard Pack” when: Allows you to define the conditions under which the Standard format is used. Use the condition builder as described in Set Up Conditions above to add conditions by clicking the Edit button next to the ASN Conditions field.

In order to generate the Standard ASN, a shipment cannot contain mixed line items in any packages. Each line item must have its own package. If two or more line items are placed in the same package, StarShip can only generate the file used to create the Pick and Pack ASN.

EDI XSL Transformation file

This option will appear if you have “Generate EDI file” checked above.

You can select your own transformations of the StarShip EDI file format or use the “TrueCommerceUDF.XSL” provided.