TrueCommerce Usage

After mapping the TrueCommerce fields to StarShip fields, the TrueCommerce information is imported into the StarShip shipment.

  1. In Acumatica, create the Shipment or Sales Order.
  2. On the TrueCommerce tab, populate the TrueCommerce fields with the data you want imported into StarShip, and save the document.
    TrueCommerce tab in Acumatica
  3. In StarShip, click Rate/Ship, select the Sales Order or Shipment, and click Create Shipment.
    Create the StarShip shipment
  4. The TrueCommerce field data is imported with the document and populates the fields they are mapped to in StarShip. In this example, you can see how our TrueCommerce User Defined Field information is filled in for the StarShip fields we mapped them to.
    Populated TrueCommerce user defined fields in StarShip
  5. When you’re done configuring any shipment details, process the shipment as you normally would by clicking Ship/Process.