Third Party Insurers Overview

If you use a third party insurance provider instead of the insurance provided by the carrier, Maintain Third Party Insurers allows you to store information for that insurer. You can also specify the conditions under which a particular insurer is used for third party insurance when shipping.

Maintain Third Party Insurers shows you a list of “predefined” insurers and any you have added manually. Predefined insurers are already preloaded with some insurer information. You can maintain one account for predefined insurers; for manual insurers, you can have multiple accounts set up by adding multiple entries for that insurer.

Insurers are listed by Insurer ID and Name, and  the carrier accounts for which the third party insurer will be used when shipping. This is set up on the Settings tab for each insurer.

The Upload tab will only display for predefined insurers. When checked, the insurer supports uploading data and can be set up to upload automatically at a specific time . If unchecked, no automatic uploads will occur. The Upload History tab will

On the Ship Screen

Third Party Insurance can be enabled under Shipment Details > Insurance.