TForce Freight Setup

Once you have set up the UPS Parcel account and taken the preliminary steps needed to connect your MyUPS account and MyLTL account, you can use your UPS login credentials to add your TForce Freight, Inc. account in StarShip. The selected UPS account must have TForce Freight LTL rates enabled by your UPS Account representative before you can configure the account.

Add the TForce Freight Account

  1. In StarShip, select Setup > Carrier Interfaces > TForce Freight.
  2. Select the Accounts heading and click the New Account button.
    Click the New Account button.
  3. Follow the instructions on the dialog box to create and link your ‘My LTL Freight” account and ‘MyUPS” account.
  4. Next, enter the account information.
    • Account Name: Type in an account name that will identify this account in StarShip.
    • Freight Account #: Enter the Freight account number.
    • User ID/Password: Enter the User ID and Password you created in Prerequisite Setup.
    • Shipper Number: Select the corresponding Shipper Number that was registered in UPS Parcel setup.
    • Access Key: This field is populated automatically when you select the Shipper Number.
      Add a TForce Freight account
  5. Configure Billing settings.
    • Tendering Type: The choices are Call, Electronic, or Daily Pickup. StarShip will only send a pickup request to TForce Freight when Electronic is selected. For the Call or Daily Pickup options, you must contact the carrier directly.
    • Enable Prepaid: Check to enable a default Prepaid Billing Type.
    • Default Prepaid Billing Type: This is the default Billing Type for shipments that are paid for by the shipper. You can select from Sender or any other 3PL that you set up in Maintain > 3PL. These settings affect the options available for Billing in the Transportation section of the Shipment Editor.Configure Billing
  6. Check the I have density pricing option if you already have density-based pricing set up with TForce Freight.
  7. Check the Request Shipment Pickup option if you want StarShip to automatically send a pickup request to TForce Freight when a shipment is processed. This will only occur if you selected a Tendering Type of Electronic in Billing settings.
    Density Pricing
  8. Click Finish. On the Accounts page, click Save.