Supported Scales

These are the electronic scales supported by StarShip and their default (factory) settings.

Scale Type
Baud Rate
Data Bits
Stop Bits
CubiScan 100, 110, 125, 1509600None81
Detecto AS-400D/420D1200None81
Detecto AS-410D9600Odd77
Mettler Toledo BCA-2229600Even71
Mettler Toledo PS60 (see steps below), 82139600Even71Shift W
Mettler Toledo PS6L9600Even72
Micro General 12709600Even71
MOS 1054052400None81Ctrl B, Shift W, Enter
NCI 3835 (Choose Weightronix scale type)4800Even71Shift W, Enter
NCI RS-7829 (Choose Weightronix scale type)9600Even71
Pennsylvania 7X00300Odd71SRP, Enter
Pennsylvania 74004800Even71S, R, or P
Transcell SP Series & SRP 300 (See Note)2400None81Shift P
Weightronix WI-127 (Choose Toledo 8213)9600Even71

Transcell SP Series & SRP 300 Note

In the Device Manager, the flow control will need to be updated to “None”.


Setting up the Toledo PS60 to emulate the 8213

The Toldeo PS60 Series of scales has multiple different ‘modes’ it can run in. To make sure it works with Aptean Ship, we’ll reset it to the factory defaults.
Note: The two buttons on the PS60 display are the [Select] button (the button with the two arrows going in a circle) and the {ZERO} button (has a zero on it).

  1. Apply power to the PS60.
  2. Hold the {SELECT} button down, until [SetuP] appears in the display window.
  3. Press the {SELECT} button about 7 times to advance through the various setup categories until the display shows [END].
  4. Press the {ZERO} button to advance through the various protocols until the word [DEFAULT] appears on the display.
  5. Press the {SELECT} button and the unit will reboot and the protocol selection is complete. With the DEFAULT protocol selected, this indicator is now set for:
    • BAUD = 9600
    • Data Bits = 7
    • Parity = Even
    • Stop Bits = 1
    • Data String = Toledo 8213