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Step 1: PrestaShop Setup

Before you can connect your shop to StarShip, you must first enable the PrestaShop
Web Service and generate the API keys that you’ll need to enter in StarShip setup

  1. Log in to your PrestaShop Dashboard.
  2. Select Configure > Advanced Parameters > Webservice from the Dashboard menu.
  3. Under the Configuration section, select “Yes” for “Enable PrestaShop’s webservice”.
  4. Click the “Add new webservice key”, or click the Add New button in the Webservice list.
  5. Click the Generate! button to create the key and enter a description to identify this key (for example, “StarShip”). You can either copy the key into a text document or leave the window open so you can access it during StarShip setup.
  6. In the Permissions section, click the top-most check box in each column to enable
    all possible permissions.