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StarShip 23.1.5

  • Full support for USPS Ground Advantage service.  Ground Advantage combines First Class Package Services and Parcel Select into a single service.  Packages are delivered in 2-5 business days.

You’ll now see Ground Advantage as a drop down in the services menu, replacing Parcel Select.  First-Class Mail remains as it is still available for postcards, letters and large envelopes.

USPS Ground Advantage

This will impact any field maps and rules you may have created for First-Class Package Services.  Modifications to consider:

    • Carrier/service mappings
      • You can continue to use the same source value but will want to change the StarShip service to Ground Advantage.
      • Both for inbound and any reverse translations to the source system.
    • Freight Rules related to First Class
    • Ship Via Rules related to First Class
  • Sage 100 2023 Link (Shipping Data Entry)
  • Fishbowl 2023
  • Magento 2.4.6
  • New Freight preference setting: when using packaging scenarios, leave packages loose vs. aggregating onto a single pallet.
    • Setup > Preferences > Freight (Packing Preference section)
  • Full list of fixes