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Add the Sage 500 Company

To ship your Sage 500 documents, you will need to connect your Sage 500 company to StarShip by providing database connection and account information. Follow the steps below to add your company and configure the company connection in StarShip.

  1. Log in to StarShip and select Setup > Source Interfaces > Sage 500 (version).
  2. In Companies, select the New Company button.
  3. Select the StarShip Connector instance, which is the component of StarShip that controls the connection to your Sage 500 interface.For “Share Company connection between multiple users”: If you have a limited number of licenses or limited parallel connections, you may want to check this setting. It allows users to share one company connection instead of occupying one source interface seat for each user. You can also set the number of connections to be shared.
  4. Enter the Sage 500 application database connection (Server and Database) and authentication information.
  5. Select the Company Name from the drop-down list.
  6. Click Finish to exit.